Publika Sessions #8

1 Nov 2019
7 PM - 10 PM
The Square
Free Admission
...and the Publika Sessions is back but this time as a once a month 4-act affair! With hand picked acts from our roster of over a hundred musicians, be prepared for the best of the best and then some! See y'all at the show on Oct 4 at 7.30pm at The Square, Publika!

Beverly Matujal is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. She began her foray into songwriting when she was 11 and has been writing ever since. Influenced by the stylings of female songwriters in the 70s, her unique and clear, angelic voice has captivated audiences alike. Whether it's the Penang Island Jazz Festival, Borneo Rhythm of Rimba (RoR) Festival, or more exclusive private events like the Sabah Tourism Awards and the Shell Malaysia Safety Awards, people can't help but be amazed by the sheer talent that comes from this pint-sized Sabahan lass. Follow her:

From small town boys to big stage performers, singer-songwriter duo Daniel and Ruben have just about done it all. Known to most by the popular moniker Wanted Symphony, their unique sound resonates with a combination of technical prowess on their respective instruments coupled with melodious vocal harmonies. Backed by years of solid performing experience in and out of the country, award nominations, radio airplay and media coverage; Wanted Symphony’s music can be described as strong, passionate and relatable. Firmly grounded in their acoustic roots but having evolved and adapted over the years, the boys have three hit singles and a self-produced EP under their belts; and are currently working on their first full-length album as a duo. Follow them:

'VIMA’ Male Vocalist of The Year 2018 award winner OYENT is a Malaysian independent singer-songwriter and cover artists. Armed with his strong stage presence and exceptional fluency with English, Malay , Tagalog and Spanish hits, OYENT promises an entertaining set with a diverse repertoire. He is a graduate of the National Arts Academy (ASWARA) and is now performing with the celebrated ‘Kuala Lumpur Orchestra’ as a Vocalist. OYENT has released two Spanish-Malay singles ‘VIDA (Tanda Kasih)’ and 'IBU' and is currently working on several music projects and collaborations with local artists. Apart from music, OYENT is also passionate about and preaches a healthy ‘drug-free’ lifestyle , with the firm belief that ‘Music is Its Own High’. Follow him:

 A Japanese singer-songwriter, Shigeru Kimoto, in KL. Sing all original songs by Japanese lyrics. Particular the lyrics trigger images of scenes in the mind. Characterized by a melodious music with spacy tension chords. Equipment such as effects, looper, and harmony machines are utilized, creating a unique atmosphere, making it hard to believe that it is a solo performance. Follow him:

Open Mic Malaysia is the brainchild of Shaneil Devaser, frontman of The Endleaves. Established in 2012 and currently operating across the country, Open Mic Malaysia aims to create sustainable avenues for bedroom musicians, singer-songwriters and professional musicians to share their music and experiences with each other and the public, over evenings of wholesome indie goodness. In partnership with other like-minded musicians, Open Mic Malaysia aims to… Make Malaysia Great (for indie music) Again.