Publika is about building a vibrant urban sanctuary made up of interesting destinations and activities as well as a strong sense of community. It aims to offer a fresh retail experience. Art, cultural, and social activities will form the soul of Publika and will be augmented by 'creative retail' such as fashion, accessories, gifts and trend setting retail experiences. Publika will be a lively incubator of creativity and thought, where producers and shoppers actively engage with arts, culture, current issues and concerns of our time.


Creative retailing is non-conventional. We are tired of the same old shops with the same old formulas. At Publika, you will see unique shops, one-off concepts, different ideas and new trends. You will discover charming cafes with an artsy vibe, contemporary fashion boutiques, bistros with live music, custom made accessories and gifts and even a vintage store or two.

Discover creativity in the presentation, experience and service in shops where proprietors place a high value on inventiveness, originality, and quality of craft.


Publika aims to inject elements of in the environment and encourage it in the stores. This will take the form of murals, sculptures, installations which also double up as functional items such as playground equipment and public benches. The art installations and elements aim to make art public and an everyday experience. Shoppers at Publika will be inspired by colors, forms and new angles and perhaps be inspired to express their own creativity either through participation in art, craft or cooking workshops or adopt a new lifestyle aspect in this new Publika community which embraces individuality.