Publika Live RE[START]

10 Apr 2021
8 PM - 10 PM
Black Box
Free Admission
Limited to 150 seats on first come first basis.

Carpark, a band originated from Kuala Lumpur in 2012. Composed of Ajan (guitar/background singer), Mizzie (lead guitar/background singer, Azad @ Ayam (drums), Pito (bass guitar) and Faizal (lead singer). The idea of forming the band came up when Ajan who is exposed to the 80’s rock music in his childhood days expressed a desire to establish a 'glam pop rock cum hard rock' concept music group influenced by the 80s-inspired bands sort of "Def Leppard, Van Halen, AC / DC, Soundgarden, Whitesnake, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Warrant, Search, Slank” and such began searching for his close musician friends to realize the band. Carpark was chosen as the band’s name based on the original motive which is to play songs of the 80s rock era concept known as' rock kapak’, synonymously played by youngsters on the banks of the streets and parking areas in that era. By leveraging their first single entitled ‘Shazana’ released in May 2013, Carpark’s musical journey began in the land of Nusantara. In 2018, Carpark recorded a full length album which consists of 10 songs in it. The original concept of Carpark (rock) remains but the song writing evolved towards a modern upbeat tune which indirectly gives a new breather to Carpark.

Azmi Hairudin & KL Little Big Band
(Ritman-Guitar, Zahid-Drum, Rio Rasul-Keys, Norman-Bass, Cathy-Singer)
One of the most diverse, in demand sax players in all of contemporary jazz, Azmi Hairudin finds pure joy at the heart of his increasingly fast-paced touring schedule. Azmi first expressed his interest in music on the drums, switching to saxophone in High School when he was "impressed" with the shininess of the sax. Azmi began playing local functions and clubs while still in high school. Having built a steady following as a sideman in some of KL’s top jazz clubs, 1990 saw Azmi stepping out in faith and starting his own band.
Soon Azmi became "the" opening act for jazz shows that came to Kuala Lumpur and in 1995 he caught the ear of jazz pianist Boy Katindig, who was so impressed with the young Azmi that two weeks later Azmi found himself in Manhattan with Boy Katindig.
In 1997 Azmi received a serendipitous phone call from jazz Keyboardist Idang Rasyidi. Idang had heard this warm, passionate sax on Sheila Majid CDs and traced it to its creator, Azmi. Over the last few years, Azmi been doing just that to the tune of almost 100 performances annually, bringing the trademark exuberance to gigs with Lewis Pragasam long time band Asiabeat, shows across the country with The Sax Pack (featuring John Kaizan). He has also appeared at Asian Jazz Festival, Publika Jazz, Kuching Jazz Festival, Penang Jazz Festival, Singapore Arts Fez, Australia Arts Fez, Jakarta Jazz Festival, Java Jazz Festival, Northsea Jazz Festival, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan Arts & Cultural Festival, Jazz Goes To Campus (University Indonesia), Bandung Jazz Festival feat. Benny Likumahuwa, Ireng Maulana (Indonesia All Stars) Tompi & Idang Rasyidi Concerts, Surabaya Jazz Concert, and many more regional and international concerts and festivals.

p/s: You can stream online thru Publika's Facebook or UEM Sunrise YouTube Channel too!